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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

"On this perfect da-ay

Nothing's standing in my way

On this perfect da-ay"

When nothing can go wrong..."

Sing it with me!

"It's the peeeerrrfeeeect daaaay"

Okay, I expect only the die-hard Legally Blonde fan's got that one, but I've got no regrets. How are you guys? I am feeling great because it's my favourite day of the week; blogging day!

It's time to practice what I preach and tell you a little more about myself and why I love blogging so much. So, grab a cuppa, I've got a Tetley's in my favourite mug, and join me as I blog about blogging.

So, why do I love blogging so much? It started because I had a lot going on in my brain, and sometimes I felt like I couldn't concentrate on one thought at a time. So I started writing things down and found that getting my thoughts out of my head and down on paper was the best way to make sense of them.

The first time I truly realised how much therapy writing a blog could be was when my beloved horse, Woody, was diagnosed with a pretty severe tendon injury. I was REALLY upset and struggled with a whole host of emotions; I was worried about him being in pain, and I was sad due to missing out on riding. I then felt guilty for being sad about missing out when he was stuck in his stable all day with a sore leg. I was dreading if I could afford his vet bills while panicking about the rehab he would need. I was also worried about the impact no horse would have on my ability to market an equestrian business. You get the picture. I was overwhelmed and needed an outlet, so I wrote everything down, and it allowed me to make sense of each one of my feelings.

Woody's leg healed (phew), and I continued to blog about our journey back to competing. People genuinely seemed to find my writing engaging and often amusing, so I build a little horsey following online. I then realised that I could get the same engagement and interest if I let my business followers into my world too. We are four years since Woody's injury, and I still LOVE writing blogs; plus, I find writing easy because I genuinely enjoy it.

Here are a few topics I could write about until the cows (or horses?) come home:

  • Anything equestrian

  • Being a business BOSS

  • My dog, obvs

  • Noughties teen movies

  • Body confidence and loving the skin you're in

  • Harry Potter (my guilty pleasure)

  • How great prosecco is

  • The art of sleeping like a 30-year-old baby

Before I sign off, do me one little favour, please? Grab a notebook, scribble down all the things you feel right now, and let me know how you feel after it.

Have a perfect day, gals.

Sarah x

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