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Ready to go scroll-stopping social media copy

One month of Insta-worthy captions to fill your calendar and free your mind. 

Are you wasting hour after hour painfully writing mediocre social captions when you should be spending time growing your business?


Are you sick of the daily “what should I post?” panic when you could be relaxing with a cuppa, knowing your perfect post is scheduled and ready to go? 


Are you frustrated, knowing that people would buy your product/service if you could just explain it a bit better?


What would bossing your social media mean for you and your order book? I bet it would look hella-lot healthier with strong messaging, which consistently adds value for your clients...

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is here, and it's just what you need!

Well, soon-to-be-social-butterfly, let me know if any of these thoughts hit you right in the feels;


  • I’m struggling to think of what to write on social media.

  • I’m overwhelmed with my workload and don’t have time to write value-packed captions.

  • I’m frustrated because no matter what I try, I just can’t get the engagement I want on Insta. 

  • I’m disheartened because writing for socials is bloody hard. 

  • I feel disconnected from my followers, and my order book is standing still.

  • I’m stuck in a cycle of only posting when I’m selling, giving my audience very little value.  

  • I’m upset because I have a great product or service, but I just can’t seem to find the right words to tell people about it. 

  • I’m annoyed that everyone else is growing and selling out, but I just can’t seem to keep up.

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Look, I get it...

I run both a service-based and a product-based business and have experienced a passionate love-hate relationship with social media. I had good, quality photos and a grid to die for, but I still wasn’t getting the sales. Why? Because a picture-perfect grid doesn’t provide value to your ideal client. 


The secret is in the copy.

Once I started speaking openly and honestly through my captions, not just firing out sales-post, after crappy sales-post,  my order book (and my bank account) began to reap the rewards. 


I went from blaming the algorithm to thriving online, and my red-hot caption copy can help you do the same.

For anyone in need of some inspiring copy, then look no further!

Sarah created a batch of social media content for us, creating a fun, insightful and inspiring story behind our growing brand.

The perfect copywriting service for anyone wanting impact fast.

Carmen, MD




I understand the time and effort that goes into writing a calendar full of captions; it's soul-destroying, which is precisely why I created my Stone Cold Caption packages. 

I write them, then all you have to do is copy and paste your way to hassle-free, high-engagement, scroll-stopping social posts. 


Stop being angry with Insta and start utilising it to supersize your sales and boost your business.  


  • You’ll free up a tonne of time to work on your business

  • You’ll rid yourself of the anti-social guilt of not posting nearly enough

  • You’ll create a community of engaged followers who won’t think twice about clicking the “add to basket” button.

So, how are we going to do this?


1. We’ll kick off our partnership with a Rock ‘N’ Roll call where we’ll talk all about your values, your ideal clients, your tone of voice and how you want to be perceived online. 

2. We’ll talk through your social strategy and create a list of must-have subjects and focuses I’ll be covering each month. 

3. You then forget all about writing captions and spend your extra time creating bad-ass business magic and smashing your goals. 

4. I’ll conduct further research on your industry and ideal clients then map out the structure of each post for the whole month, every single month.


5. I’ll drink a tonne of tea and write a month's worth of ready-to-post captions that will blow your mind, again, every single month. 


6. I’ll deliver your perfectly formatted captions in one simple GoogleDoc, so all you have to do is copy and paste to schedule your posts paired with the perfect photo or video.

Phew, that's a whole lot taken off your plate, am I right?

Up for a couple of juicy bonuses? Of course, you are!


7. I’m throwing in a 60-minute catch-up call every quarter for FREE, which will ensure we are consistently aligned with your mission, vision and social media goals.


8. Hashtag suggestions will also be included with each post, again, at no extra cost.



now for the bit that I know you’ve already scanned down the page for…



(best for product businesses or large service providers)

20 researched, fully formed, savvy social posts that speak directly to your ideal client. These posts will follow your brand pillars and utilise both longer informative posts and short-snappy captions to make your customers sit up and pay attention.


20 captions will fill your calendar for the month while ensuring you have a few non-posting days and space to insert Reels or other media that speaks for itself.

£595.00 p/m

You’ve got to think big, to be big, so I created this package especially for you, yes you, so that you have room in your brain to think big. So, let me sweat the social stuff while you are off building your empire. 


Of course, you could write your captions yourself but is that what you want?


  • To waste time pouring over captions that don’t actually say anything

  • To keep grinding away on socials and get nowhere

  • To constantly moan that you don’t have enough time or energy to move your business, including your actual products or services, forward?


I don’t want that, so let’s skip the “will I, won’t I?” heartache and head straight to “wow,  where did all those orders come from?”. 

You don't want that,


(best for service providers)

10 researched, long-format, thought-provoking social posts that provide undeniable value to your ideal client. These posts will pitch you as an expert in your field, radiate your values and have a prominent call to action. 


This package allows you to post approximately every three days, ensuring you keep the conversation going and showcase your expertise.

£395.00 p/m

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When will I receive my copy?

You will receive your copy for the following month between weeks two and three of the month before. This will give you time to read it and me time to make any edits before you schedule it in your calendar. 


How will I receive my copy?

I will deliver your copy on a simple, easy to navigate GoogleDoc each month. All you have to do is copy and paste to the social platform of your choice. 


Will you physically post on my social media accounts?

No, I will have no passwords or access to your accounts. I simply write the copy and then hand it over to you or your social media manager, who will do the actual posting itself. 


What if I don’t like something you’ve written?

While I hope you will love every single syllable, it’s no problem if there are a few sentences that you’re not mad keen on. I include one round of edits per month in each package. 


How long do I sign up?

My initial sign up period is three months. We’ll hopefully discover that we are the perfect fit during the first three months and move forward in quarterly blocks from there. 


Do I pay monthly?

Yes, even though you will sign up for three months, you will still pay monthly. I’ll ask you to set up a direct debit.  


When can we start?

We can start bossing your socials from as early as next month!


How do I sign up?

You can sign up right here; let’s gooooo!